Turbine's upcoming multiplayer online battle arena, Infinite Crisis, is going to be full of super-powered characters from the DC universe. They've just released a video that puts one particular hero in the limelight.

And yes, that hero is Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern. This fighter pilot-turned-guardian of the universe acts as a Blaster in the game and can use his awesome, willpower-fueled light constructs to nuke foes, kite enemies, and control the crowds. There are loads of skills, but the video helpfully gives us examples of Jordan's abilities.

He has a passive ability called Indomitable Will that increases power damage based on missing will. His Slam skill drops a light construct on a target, which then receives bonus damage if it has a Shattered Will. The Constrict ability snares a target and receives a reduced cooldown when other skills hit. Missile Barrage fires missiles that deal area of effect damage (AoE), and applies Shattered Will. And perhaps the coolest skill is Green Lantern's Light, which drops a fighter jet construct onto the middle of the battlefield and stunning near the epicenter.

The video also gives us a bunch of tips and tricks on how to successfully play as the Green Lantern, a lot of which involve moving between skills because of the character's low movement speed. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts on Hal and his powers.

Infinite Crisis will be released sometime this year, but while you wait, you can always head to the game's official site to sign up for the beta!