Foursaken Media's latest project is an action/strategy game called Heroes & Castles. The new screenshots they've posted to showcase the game's merits show that the title doesn't lie; there really are a bunch of heroes and castles. Check them out!

Heroes & Castles will feature some real-time strategy gameplay while you control a Hero and roam the fields, slashing away at encroaching threats. The new screenshots from Foursaken Media's game shows off some of the UI at work while players move around in a third-person perspective. Judging from the screens, players will have access to a bevy of menu options in real-time, from controlling buildings and units to performing special attacks on the fly.

There's the promise of castles you can upgrade, heroes you can summon in the middle of battle, and an arsenal of heroic abilities at your disposal. The four-man team at Foursaken Media is hard at work on the game and it should be released in the App Store sometime this month. While you wait for the castle-defending adventures, check out the trailer and the screens below. Let us know what you think about the potpourri of genres in this title down in the comment box!