Have had enough zombie killing in your life? Foursaken Media is hoping to whet your undead appetite with N.Y. Zombies 2, the sequel to their original first-person zombie shooter.

With improved graphics and gameplay, N.Y. Zombies 2 looks to have a lot of new features. For one thing, you're not stuck in one place. You can actually walk around and take out the zombies as they advance towards you. The other thing is the graphics look a 100 times better that the awful graphics in the first game. But even these improved graphics can't match games like Dead Trigger. Oh well, one step at a time.

A new trailer showing off some gameplay footage has been released. You can see all of the different weapons available and the nice splatter of blood across the screen when you kill a zombie that's close to you. N.Y. Zombies 2 hits the App Store on October 25th.

Check out the trailer below.