Gigantic Trailer: Motiga Enters the MOBA Realm


Washington-based independent developer Motiga has announced its first game, Gigantic.

Described as a "team action game where heroes battle alongside a massive guardian in a fight for supremacy,” Gigantic will task teammates with working together to protect a massive creature, called a Guardian, while defeating enemies. The trailer shows a very brief bit of gameplay that indicates that Gigantic will play out like a MOBA with third-person shooting action elements.

Most of the video focuses on a selection of the game’s playable characters, and a brief description of each is shown on the game’s site. Among the varied fighters are Voden, a fox/deer hybrid archer described as a “Forest-Lord,” Tripp, a human assassin with lightning powers, Uncle Sven, a goofy, elderly alchemist, Lord Knossos, a dual-wielding Minotaur powerhouse, and Tyto the Swift, a mysterious swordsman with an owl mask and a pet cat. A brief look at some enemy characters is seen, as well, showing an armored dark knight, a musket-wielding gunman, and a purple-clad sorceress. A massive, serpentine dragon, presumably a Guardian, reveals itself in the trailer before being met by a Griffin-like Guardian form the opposing side.

With an intriguing visual style that’s reminiscent of watercolor paintings, a variety of interesting character designs and the promise of an expansive combat system, Gigantic has the potential to be a fascinating title. No release date or consoles have been announced, but we’re sure to hear more about the game as development continues.

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