Five Most Broken Video Games (Feat. Seether) (5x5)


When you pay money for something, you expect it to work. About the only time getting something broken in return for currency is acceptable is when you plan to use it in some kind of 'Real Steel' scenario. It's never, ever, ever, forever-ever acceptable when it comes to video games. The Continue? boys (Paul, Nick and Josh) and their special guests reveal their picks for the most broken games ever. Tune in and let us know if you agree.

Seether's latest album, 'Isolate and Medicate', can be found on iTunes.

You can also catch Seether on the Rockstar Uproar tour starting this August.

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Written by Luke Brown, Paul Ritchey, Josh Henderson, Nick Murphy and Mike Sadorf
Shot and Edited by Make Film Do Good

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