In an effort to make sure that no one ever gets anything productive done again, modder Sma11P1ays is mashing up Pokemon and Dota 2.

Entitled "DotaMon", this Defense of the Ancients 2 mod will bring a huge selection of Pokemon characters into the wildly popular MOBA while casting its players as trainers. The mod will pit two five-player teams against each other, with each player utilizing custom abilities to capture DotaMon. Players will summon and train their DotaMon, eventually sending them into battle. Each DotaMon will start with a single offensive ability, but will learn new powers and evolve as they level up. As the game progresses, the wild DotaMon that can be captured will become stronger, starting at higher levels. Each DotaMon is unique, with different examples of the same species featuring slightly different statistics.

Kotaku states that the mod currently includes 151 Pokemon; presumably representing the original 151 Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue for the Game Boy. Sma11P1ays is still at work on DotaMon, adding special abilities to each creature, so we’ll be sure to check it out once it hits the Steam Marketplace. With two beloved franchises being combined in a clever way, it's a safe bet that many others will be checking it out as well.

You know both Pokemon and Dota 2 are two games to break up over.