Darkstalkers Resurrection marks the return of the supernatural fighting franchise and packs two of its coolest games in one sexy package.

Resurrection is now available for the PlayStation Network and will go live on Xbox LIVE Arcade starting tomorrow, March 13th, 2013. For the price of $14.99, or 1,200 Microsoft Points, fight fans can get their hands on the pack, which includes Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3.

Several enhancements have been made to the titles, giving them GGPO-enabled online gameplay, HD graphics with multiple viewing options, replay sharing, a Spectator Mode, in-game achievements, a Tutorial Mode, and a vault full of unlockable media like concept art and videos.

Capcom has taken the lessons it's learned from Marvel vs. Capcom Origins and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition and applied them to the online functionality of Darkstalkers Resurrection, hopefully making it excellent to play with others online.

Peep the launch trailer below to check out the classic supernatural beatdowns featuring fan favorites like Morrigan Aensland, Anakaris, B.B. Hood, and more!

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