Do you like stealth games? Do you like vampires? Do you like crazy customization options with Deux Ex levels of complexity? Then you’ll love Dark, the brand new modern day urban fantasy vampire stealth noir game from Kalypso Media.

A recently released trailer from GDC shows us quite a bit about Dark’s story and gameplay. Dark puts you in the role of Eric Bane, a recently turned vampire who just got his first set of fangs. Bane seems to have a bone to pick with some sort of ultra-powerful mega corporation that is wealthy enough to deck their personal security guards out in military juggernaut suits. Further plot details are still being kept under-wraps, but the way in which the plot is told is pretty cool. Bane self-narrates his actions as you go through the game, changing the narration based on what choices you make. It’s like Bastion, but with more stealth … and vampires.

Bane also has access to several different vampiric powers that feel like they were ripped right out of a Vampire: The Masquerade player’s handbook. Along with super strength and super speed, he can also see people’s body heat, which lets him see through walls, fade into the shadows, telekinetically attack his opponents, and even mind control his foes. All of these abilities are laid out in several different trees that you can upgrade as you suck more and more blood.

Dark is scheduled for release on the PC and Xbox 360 this summer. An official release date has not yet been given. If the game hasn’t released by then, it is likely that we will see a near complete build at E3 this year.