Sometimes we come across cosplay of characters that transcend the limitations of one medium and are considered big cultural icons. One such character we'll explore today is Cutie Honey, a popular Japanese anime heroine who's been in animated series, live-action films, and even video games. Her penchant for always donning a disguise makes her a pretty fitting candidate for Cosplay of the Day.

Honey Kisaragi is a regular girl who happens to be an android with transformation powers that help her turn into Cutie Honey, a crime-fighting heroine who fights the Panther Claw organization. She's always wearing some disguise or another, but she always reveals herself to be Cutie Honey and uses her powers to defeat evil, all while looking fantastic.

Here's HezaChan as the red-headed heroine, complete with her sword and the character's signature outfit. As you'll notice, the suit has a big heart motif, which makes sense because the character calls herself a warrior of love. Her take on one of the original transforming magical girls (even though she's an android), stands as one of the most accurate representations of Cutie Honey.

See what other characters HezaChan has transformed into by checking out her profile.


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