No one can deny that the Kingdom Hearts saga is one of the coolest crossover franchises in gaming history. At the same time, it can also be very confusing because of the many games, storylines, and characters that intersect. In today's Cosplay of the Day, we'll look at a character, named Aqua, who came before Sora and the crew.

Aqua was a Keyblade Master and one of the stars of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. She is somewhat likened to Kairi since her name is Latin for "water" and Kairi's is Japanese for "sea." In fact, it was because of Aqua that Kairi ended up on the Destiny Islands, making her a very important figure indeed.

Francesca, an Italian cosplayer from KICKAcosplay, is seen here with Aqua's default look and Keyblade. It's always interesting to see the unique outfits that Square Enix comes up with, especially in more recent titles. Whether or not you're a fan, you've got to admit they're pretty interesting. What we like most is that Francesca even went out to the beach to shoot, which really connected with her character's and Kairi's namesake.

Check out the rest of her cosplay work on deviantART, which includes costumes from anime series like Sword Art Online and other outfits from gaming's most famous characters.

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