We'd been wondering when it was we'd com across an excellent Cortana cosplay, but the day has finally come! Feast your eyes on Cortana, our Cosplay of the Day!

We want to make the bold claim that Cortana is one of the most beloved AIs in video games, if not the most beloved. She's assisted us on our adventures as Master Chief. She's an artificial construct with big heart, incredible intellect, and her own shining personality that made her a valuable companion and a joy to adventure with as John-117. Even if she's technically not a real entity, she's still one of the most iconic figures in gaming.

Here is Sabrina Lindsay, a Canadian cosplayer, who is in full body paint as Cortana. She and artist Jim McAvoy opted to use the original purple color seen in Halo: Combat Evolved, but adopted the more modern hairstyle and design of current incarnations of the AI. The only way this portrayal could be even more perfect was if Sabrina was incorporeal and made of light!

Check out all of her other great body paint cosplay, including a nifty version of Marvel's Phoenix character, by visiting her deviantART.