The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was groundbreaking in terms of its technical prowess when compared to all preexisting consoles. Our collection of the 10 Best SNES Intros is proof that the SNES was a huge evolution of gaming for the early '90s. Unlike most of the intros of the NES (which we highlighted in our list of the 10 Best NES Intros), many introductory sequences of the SNES hinted at stories which were unprecedented and had demo sequences that captivated in its variety. Don't bother blowing into your cartridges (it's bad for them, anyway!), and keep your hands off the eject button, because we're going straight into 16-bit heaven as we watch the 10 Best SNES Intros.

  • 10

    Street Fighter Alpha 2


    Kicking off the 10 Best SNES Intros, we have a fighter that was released towards the end of the SNES lifetime, but was amazing in its collection of new faces. Nothing beats Dan's surprise appearance.

  • 9

    Secret of Mana


    With excellent use of the console's Mode 7 graphics, the introduction to Secret of Mana kicks off a grand story with colorful visuals and a mythical soundtrack.

  • 8

    Out of This World

    Interplay Entertainment

    We're not sure if it's the Dire Straits graphics or the Flash Gordon crawling text, but Out of This World's introduction set us up for an adventure that lived up to its namesake.

  • 7

    Chrono Trigger


    The intro montage of Chrono Trigger is one of the many reasons why it topped our list of the 10 Best RPGs Ever.

  • 6

    Final Fantasy 6


    Final Fantasy 6's prologue broke many conventions of RPG gaming when we found out that we were going to play as a female protagonist in a world where magic was extinct, and replaced with steam-powered industrialization.

  • 5

    Super Castlevania 4


    Castlevania 4 kicked things off by providing the backstory as to why Dracula keeps coming back. The iconic imagery of Dracula rising from the grave helped Castlevania 4 earn its spot on our list of the 10 Best SNES Intros.

  • 4

    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars


    The fast-paced music of Super Mario RPG's intro was fitting for a new and completely groundbreaking Mario experience. It's also the first (and only), time we met Geno!

  • 3

    Contra 3: The Alien Wars


    Contra 3 hits the ground running with alien invaders obliterating the cities of the future, and had a haunting demonic face looming over its rubble. The response of its protagonists would have made Rambo proud.

  • 2

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


    The opening sequence of A Link to the Past had an epic melody, and showed off how much Hyrule had grown and expanded since The Adventure of Link.

  • 1

    Super Metroid


    Dead bodies surrounding the last Metroid, Samus' explanation of Metroid 1 and 2, her exploration of the research station, finding out Ridley killed all the scientists, the grand escape, and landing on Zebes are just some of the reasons why Super Metroid is at the top of our 10 Best SNES Intros. Its title theme combined with the cries of the captive Metroid were downright haunting and unforgettable.