Anarchy Reigns is kind of like a gory multiplayer cameofest. The “main character” is Jack, from Mad World, a little known murder simulator that really made a splash (of blood) on the Wii. Now, another well-known Sega/Platinum Games character is coming to the Anarchy Reigns battleground: Bayonetta.

Bayonetta was originally available as a GameStop pre-order bonus only and has stayed that way for month. However, now she is available even to the common gamer who wasn’t part of the chosen pre-ordering few. According to Destructoid, you can purchase her off the PSN for $0.99. Now that’s a bargain.

Bayonetta has many of her abilities from her titular game transferred over to Anarchy Reigns, right down to her gun heels and hair woven latex bodysuit. She’s fast, powerful, and according to the online community, arguably unbalanced. So pick her up today if you feel like chewing your opponents to bit using a dog made out of extra-dimensional hair.