Anya Stroud is lookin' mighty different in this Cosplay of the Day. You know what? We can dig it.

Anya is one of our favorite COGs and is one of gaming's most badass women. She wields both a lancer, and a fierceness that is almost immeasurable. She's been a mainstay in the series, and even shows up in some form or another in a few of the peripheral materials, like some issues of the Gears of War comic books. This is one hardcore lady we'd love to have at our side in a firefight.

Here is Masubi, a cosplayer extraordinaire who ironically has a partner that goes by the name "Locust." She looks absolutely stunning in her version of Anya's outfit, although it may be a bit stripped down (literally). Her cosplay gives us another reason to take up arms against the Locust. Err, we mean the bad, bug dudes -- not her cosplay partner.

Check out more of her work on her Facebook page and let us know if she's gained a new fan in you.

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