Today's cosplay is pretty cool because it hearkens back to the PlayStation One era. Let's give a warm welcome to Angewomon, from Digimon World 2.

Angewomon is an Ultimate-level Digimon with the appearance of a woman and eight angel wings, classifying her as an archangel. This Digimon is all about justice and laying down the law, which she happily enforces with her bow and arrows. She's got the look of a valkyrie from Norse mythology, making her one of the more badass humanoid Digimon out there.

Here is DarkTifaStrife, a Peruvian cosplayer who has a love for anime, manga and video games. She was a fashion design student who also dabbled in plastic arts. Considering these facts, it would only make sense that she could come up with the kickass Angewomon cosplay you see before you. We have no idea how she can see through that helmet, but we give her props for staying true to the character.

See more of her great cosplay work, which includes numerous Final Fantasy costumes, on her deviantART. Let us know what you think of this angelic cosplayer.

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