We've got another gender-bending crossplay for you today, folks. Let's peek into the shadows and check out Garrett, star of the upcoming stealth game, Thief.

Garrett is a master thief who takes pride in his work, and always avoids killing unless necessary. He melds into the darkness and observes his surroundings so that he can find the best way to remain unnoticed while stealing everything he can. If nothing else, you can say that Garrett is a professional through and through.

This is Lyz Brickley, one of our favorite cosplayers, who has decided to crossplay as Garrett. Her outfit is sleek, mysterious and gives her the air of a master thief. She's got all of the trappings of a sneak-thief, like the leather outfit, the hood, the mask and even a bow and some arrows for good measure. It's a good thing that she steps into the light every now and again, otherwise we'd miss this fantastic costume.

Check out more of Lyz's awesome cosplay work on her Facebook profile. You'll be amazed how accurate her cosplay for Borderlands 2's Gaige the Mechromancer looks.

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