Thank Riot Games for filling League of Legends with so many awesome characters, especially ones with designs that beg to be cosplayed. Our Cosplay of the Day features Ahri, the nine-tailed fox who dreams of becoming human. And it's a good thing that she did, so that cosplayers could recreate her look. 

She was born a fox but wanted to become human, because she felt something stirring in her spirit that told her that her form didn't fit her. After coming across an injured man on a battlefield with magic around him, she fell into a trance and awoke as a human. For a time, she devoured the life essences of the men she seduced, but felt pangs of regret as her morality grew. Eventually, Ahri found the Institute of War for mages and continues to seek true humanity.

Cosplaying the nine-tailed fox herself is Korean cosplayer, K. Miyuko, of the Spiral Cats cosplay group. This is an example of very high-level cosplaying, with such great attention to detail that you'd think Ahri's look was inspired by her. It couldn't have been easy to walk around with those nine tails in tow, but K. Miyuko made it work and produced a fantastic piece of cosplay.

See more of her absolutely stunning cosplay on her CureCos profile. Just make sure to turn your Google Translations on, since the whole site is in Japanese.

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