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Third Stop/Square Enix

Rikku is one of the most famous figures in Final Fantasy's storied history, and for good reason, too. Not only does she have a bubbly personality and killer looks, but she's also an expert engineer! Add to the fact that she's basically a cosplayer in Final Fantasy 10-2, then you've got all the makings of a great Cosplay of the Day.

In order to psych ourselves up for the release of Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster, we're featuring the young Al Bhed engineer in her trademark Thief outfit from Final Fantasy 10-2. Rikku flashed a lot more skin in this getup, but she's still the same bright, bubbly girl we knew and loved. She can change into a whole slew of different suits thanks to the use of Dresspheres, making her one of the greatest cosplaying video game characters around.

Samantha, a cosplayer and artist from New York, nails Rikku's Thief look, all the way down to the boots. As a Thief, you'd think that Rikku would wear simpler, more silent shoes that lend themselves to sneaking around, but a lot of Japanese role-playing games take certain liberties with clothing and accessories. Still, Samantha has to be commended for pulling off the costume, especially the hair! If we ever need to call a Gullwing, we'd dial her first!

See more of her amazing outfits, along with some of the cute jewelry she makes, here on her deviantART page.

Third Stop
Third Stop
The Bird
The Bird

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