We've already featured Ahri before in the Cosplay of the Day, but we just couldn't resist doing it again after we came across this cute version of the character. 

Ahri is fox spirit who took on the form of a human after she absorbed a dying man's life essence. She sought out more life essences in order to complete the transformation from nine-tailed fox to human by seducing as many men as she could. As she became more and more human, she began to feel pangs of remorse and looked for ways she could fully become human without hurting anyone else.

Here is SoGoodbye, a Taiwanese cosplayer who's no stranger to League of Legends cosplay. Her Ahri outfit is of an ornate nature but still manages to capture her inherent sexiness. There's an aura about her that just screams seduction, which has us worrying about our life essences.

Check out more of SoGoodbye's work on her deviantART and let us know how you think this cosplayer did.

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