A Japanese-only Nintendo Direct debuted this past Friday focusing solely on Xenoblade Chronicles X, and thanks to some quick translators over on Twitter a few interesting pieces of information, including news surrounding the online multiplayer aspect, makes us think that this will be one of the most robust Wii U titles the system ever sees.

While we already knew that up to four players could journey within the world together, up to 32 friends can join together in squads, sharing information and gaining experience through cooperation. That foursome of adventurers is actually one-eighth of a larger team of soldiers, all contributing to the overall experience of the unity. That's pretty damn cool.

Also, the giant mechs known as Dolls will be completely customizable via purchasing parts, can perform their own abilities and Arts as they learn them. Best of all, they can transform into vehicles like cars, motorcycles and airships for quick travel across the expansive terrain. Essentially, they're customizable Transformers, which sounds really cool to us.

This game continues to impress and excite every time a new trailer or piece of news comes out. This has the potential to be one of the best games of 2015, especially with many heavy hitters being delayed into 2016, but we still haven't heard anything about a release date for Xenoblade X other than "2015." We hope that news comes soon, perhaps even at E3, so we can mark our calendars.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will launch sometime this year exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U. We'll link to the Japanese Nintendo Direct below, so take a peek whether you understand Japanese or just like watching gameplay without much context as to what's going on.

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