Nintendo and Monolith Soft have aired a 30 minute-long gameplay video showcasing Xenoblade Chronicles X as an Amazon listing suggests its Western release date.

DualShockers reports that Nintendo has aired a 30 minute-long combat video of Xenoblade Chronicles X on its Japanese YouTube account. While the video is tough for those who aren't keen on their Kanji or Japanese, it does provide a ton of insight about this gorgeous-looking RPG. Obviously, XCX's combat is similar to 2010's Wii hit, Xenoblade Chronicles (which is soon being ported to the New Nintendo 3DS XL), but with some major differences. Your party members can switch between melee and ranged weapons whenever they like, and XCX is more of a spiritual successor to the original game than a sequel or spin-off. The thing we loved most about this gameplay footage is its equipment system. Your characters' outfits will change according to the various armor types they're wearing, which is something we've been hoping more JRPGs would do over the years. There's a multi-person combo system in place for fans of Xenogears (both Xenogears and XCX were written and directed by Tetsuya Takahashi). Other characters will be controlled via AI and will respond to your commands. These party members will also toss out suggestions for actions to take against the enemy, and you'll get bonuses for doing so. We also get a look at one of the game's major villains, a Kerrigan-like female alien who fights your team from inside a giant mech.

According to IGN, Xenoblade Chronicles X might be getting a Western release this summer for Wii U. While it has been confirmed that the game is getting a North American and European launch, there has been no official word from Monolith Soft as to when we should expect it. Amazon Italy has listed Xenoblade Chronicles X's release date as June 26, a Friday, which is usually the big release day of the week for many major Wii U and 3DS titiles (the Amazon listing has since been removed). Amazon Italy has a history of inadvertently (and accurately) leaking behind the scenes info, as it previous posted listings for Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, the Mirror's Edge reboot and Rocksmith 2014 long before they were formally announced by their publishers.

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