Monolith Soft's science fiction role-playing game, Xenoblade Chronicles, is coming to the new Nintendo 3DS and will have added amiibo support for double the fun.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is almost ready to release on the New Nintendo 3DS XL, but for those of you with no patience, Destructoid has revealed its amiibo functionality. There are now screenshots to show you just how the amiibo support and StreetPass' mechanics will work in Xenoblade. Although it's not exactly surprising, the amiibo support will work the same way as it does with other games — touch the Shulk amiibo to your New Nintendo 3DS and ta-da, it works.

What you get specifically from doing this are tokens. You can earn tokens in three different ways — you can either touch Shulk to your 3DS once a day, which will reward you with three tokens each time; encounter other 3DS systems via StreetPass, which will also give you three tokens a day; or you can spend five Play Coins for one token. However, these aren't the only ways to gain tokens. There is one other way — starting up the game for the first time will give you 10 tokens.

These tokens can be exchanged for random skins or new in-game music. You can spend one or three tokens to get one of these models or music, the difference is that with one token you have the chance to get something you already own and with three you will definitely get a new item. While we're still not sure if there will be any other amiibo that will be usable within the game, it is confirmed that you can only scan your Shulk figure into Xenoblade once per day.

Make sure you scour your local GameStops for that already sold-out Shulk amiibo before Xenoblade Chronicles 3D's release for the New Nintendo 3DS XL on April 10.