Nintendo's latest handheld, the New 3DS, is going to be able to support one of the industry's top engines.

IGN reports that you can expect to see support for the engine on the New Nintendo 3DS sometime soon. Originally, Nintendo brought Unity support to the Wii U and now the New 3DS will be able to support Unity-based games as well. There are over 50 games for the Wii U that utilize the Unity engine, so it will be interesting to see how many will be making their way to the New 3DS. If you're excited to see Unity support coming to the regular Nintendo 3DS, we've got some bad news: older versions of the handheld won't support it. The Unity engine will only be supported in future New 3DS exclusive titles, not regular 3DS games.

Nintendo has even provided Unity Pro tools to developers for free as part of its Wii U developers program, which assuredly helped bring in some new Unity-based games to the Wii U from the indie scene. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo does the same for the New 3DS in hopes of bolstering its number of independent games. We're glad to see that Nintendo is starting to break out the big guns in trying to differentiate between its handhelds and to give people an actual reason to buy the New 3DS other than faster load times and a right control stick.