Having trouble signing into Xbox Live? You're not alone. 

The bad news is that some users might be having some trouble signing into Xbox Live, after a few of Microsoft's other services kept giving members error messages. The good news? Most of these issues have been solved and engineers are now working to get Xbox Live up and running.

Around 12 PM EST, an initial tweet from Xbox Support let members know that they were looking into the problems. Two hours later, around 2 PM EST, most of the services were accessible once more.

Before the fix, users were unable to sign into Xbox Live, access Live websites, access their saved games in the Cloud, or make any transactions in the Xbox Live Marketplace. According to the updates on the Xbox Live Service Status page, all of these problems have been remedied, except for some users who may still be unable to sign into the Xbox Live service on their consoles.

The site says that they will update their progress every half hour, so keep an eye out if you're still unable to access the service. Let us know in the comments section below if you've been experiencing difficulties with Microsoft's services today.