Xbox 360 owners who have experienced freezing and stuttering problems with The Walking Dead will receive a free copy of the game's Xbox Live Arcade version, as developer Telltale games has determined that installing an Xbox 360 hard drive on a 4 GB system will fix the hitching.

If console owners decide against a hard drive, Telltale Games is providing a free copy of the five episode series available for XBLA. A claim redemption form has been posted by the developer, and owners of the game must mail or email the form, a proof of purchase of The Walking Dead and ownership of a 4 GB console. Once the required materials are received, gamers will be emailed codes to download the episodes.

Lack of a hard drive is not the only issue for The Walking Dead gamers. Problems regarding overwriting saved games and the subsequent loss of episodes occur with people who are playing offline. The solution, according to Telltale, is to play the game online or try using a separate offline account. With these bug issues, Telltale is encouraging gamers to use the company's support forum board and hopefully these problems will be solved in future patches.