Microsoft has announced it will be bringing Xbox Live to Windows 10 without a subscription fee and it seems to have caused more questions than answers.

Xbox Live being implemented into the upcoming Windows 10 operating system has many people concerned, but Xbox's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb took to Twitter to assuage their fears. When asked if this would mean that it will cost money, Hryb said that it wouldn't.

The reason that some people were confused about the implementation of Xbox Live on Windows 10 is because of Microsoft's track record with Windows Live. VG247 explains that during the early days of Games for Windows Live, players were required to own a paid, Gold subscription in order to play multiplayer games. Luckily, PC gamers on Windows 10 won't have to pay a monthly/annual service fee to play multiplayer games online.

There really aren't many details released about Xbox Live coming to Windows 10 as it's still in its testing phases, but it seems a little unfair that Xbox Live would be coming to Windows 10 devices for free while others continue to be charged for the service on their Xbox consoles. Hryb did specifically say that it would not be required for online multiplayer gaming, which suggests that people will be getting all the perks they would have on their Xbox on Windows 10 (besides possibly Xbox Live's free games and digital discounts) without having to pay.