With the recent false report that the Xbox 720 may simple be called the Xbox, we just wanted to add a little fuel to the fire and offer up some fake console designs. Whether it's called the 720 or the Durango, this next gen console has some pretty cool looking visual possibilities. It may not function as a toaster, but when the red ring of death is a family member, who really wants to joke around?

The above photo features a console heavy on white and massive on the "X." Unless this is a desktop lugged around by Cyclops or Wolverine, we don't see this particular vision for the 720. It's a tasteful design, but "X" really doesn't mark the spot.

A Halo influenced Xbox 720 is the obvious way to go thanks to its interconnectedness to the console, but gamers not enthralled with the franchise may gravitate to its intriguing design. Is there a green baby alien inside this pod like structure? Is that green x button sensitive to the touch? It's good to ask questions!

Our problem with this concept is the creator could have used a splash of green. Joking aside, it definitely has a sleek look, but we're wondering if it's a gaming console or just several souped up routers. Linksys, you have been warned!

Although this design may have been a lost item from BioShock or James Cameron's latest  ocean gizmo, we still love it. Putting in the disc from the top is nice, and we're assuming that pale green light flickers once the game starts loading. It probably also functions as a lantern, so that's a plus.

Our final fake Xbox 720 photo is completely thinking outside Microsoft's green box and is opting for Darth Maul red and a splash of light blue. Even though the color scheme may remind gamers of the aforementioned red ring of death, who cares? Xbox enthusiasts are bound to buy at least several consoles in their lifetime, and maybe it's time for a visual re-imagining. Jay Gatsby believed in the green light, and look where it got him.

Tell us which of these designs you'd sign off for, and if you have any of your own 720 ideas, drop us a line.