With recent hints that Sony's PS4 may come out by the end of the year, gamers have whipped up their own artistic creations of the highly anticipated console. As much as I love my English muffin in the morning, toasting is not a feature I'm looking for in the PS4. To see what your future PS4 will not look like, check out a few snapshots taken by eccentric gamers.

I also love Star Trek and Tron, but the following design looks like it was either made by a Vulcan or the company that designed the horrible speakers that litter my bedroom. At least it's in black.

Since I'm not exactly the home improvement type, a toolbox starter kit isn't my kind of ballgame. However, standing my PS4 on its side so I can see it nice and slimmed out is an awesome concept. Plus having a power light that stares you right in the eye makes it a great companion to . . . an Xbox 360. Two console peas in a pod!

Forget the sleek concept designs that wouldn't look out of place in Prometheus. What I want is a remembrance of gaming things past, since a little old school goes a long way. Let's just take the PS4 back to its source, and this time let's purchase a console that resembles either a CD holder and a futuristic pancake griddle. If it's a PS4, it probably does a bit of both.

Tired of eating fast food and cold pizza? According to our expanding gut, the answer is obviously no. Healthier gamers may want to throw down some cash for this pretty awesome PS4, which is a mix of a PS3 and a George Foreman grill. Cut up some squash and salmon, put it on the grill and watch your games literally heat up!!

Since our cheap flat screen TV is near the foot of our bed, we're usually nodding off while trying to finally complete Skyrim. This PS4 doesn't have the svelte nature of its PS Slim cousin, but oh those beautiful lights! We may just stare at the military time as the PS4 seduces us away from restful slumber.

If black or light grey is not colorful enough for your PS4, why not go for a console that looks like a rolled up yoga mat? The brown with a hint of raspberry tone doesn't suit our personal palette. Plus, yoga is the very last item on our bucket list. Right after dying.

We're totally fine with the Lady in Red, red velvet cupcakes, even that aimless Bruce Willis film Red. But a red PS4? No way and not in this lifetime. If the PS4 doesn't follow its back in black ethos, sign us up for the 720.