The current 500GB Xbox One console may be gaining a bigger sibling soon, if a European retailer's website can be believed.

Spanish retail chain Lamee's oneline store posted a listing for a new Xbox One model sporting a 1TB hard drive, which is double the current standard 500GB offering, at a price $50 more than the current console. The listing was quickly taken down, but because nothing is ever truly forgotten by our beloved Internet, VG247 was able to capture a screenshot of the listing in question, and you can see that below:

Lamee via VG24/7

The listing shows a release date for the double-stuffed console as June 23, which could point to an official announcement coming as one of Phil Spencer's patented "hey by the way this is happening" reveals during the Xbox E3 2015 Media Briefing in a few short weeks.

Nothing about this revelation surprises us, as the Xbox One is following the same life path as its predecessor the Xbox 360. The original system came out, it flourished despite the Red Ring of Death with a tiny hard drive, then the 360 Elite showed up with a much larger HDD attached to it and the fans upgraded en masse. Some Xbox One owners (the Call of Duty bundle from this past holiday, specifically) already have a 1TB hard drive in their consoles, so why not make the same available to everyone without a game being bundled in?

We'll probably learn more at E3, so stay tuned for further updates.


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