The May update for Microsoft's Xbox One has been detailed on Xbox Wire, and with it comes something that fans of the console have been clamoring about since the day it launched--voice messaging.

We could always send messages to one another via text, but now the Xbox One finally supports the ability to send private voice messages to other players, bringing back the popular feature from the Xbox 360 days. The added "Add audio message" button is the gateway to this highly requested feature, and it brings the system one step closer to feeling complete.

Other additions are the ability to power the console on and off through the Xbox SmartGlass app, an altered initial setup format that allows new owners to choose how their power saving options, and dedicated servers for party chat that should improve the overall chatting experience when playing with a party of friends.

All of these are welcome changes, but the re-addition of party chat is way bigger than it should be. That was an essential feature in the Xbox 360 days, as it allowed us to quickly organize a play session without having to type every word out (a task made even more cumbersome with the messenger pad). Now that it's back we definitely see ourselves once again leaning on this feature during our gaming sessions. Of course now there's a chance we'll get to hear the voice of an angry opponent cursing us out instead of just reading it, but we'll take that over not being able to quickly message friends.

The Xbox One May update is available to download now, so expect to download it the next time your console is powered on.

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