For months and months, rumors about what Microsoft's next console might be have been making the rounds. Now it appears the final specs for the Xbox 720 have been uncovered.

According to VGLeaks, the Xbox 720 (or Durango), will be quite an impressive piece of machinery. There's a lot of technical specifications to take in, though for the most part, much of what the site is reporting aligns with what has been rumored for the past year or so. The Durango will include 8GB of DDR3 RAM, a 50GB Blu-ray drive, and an 8-core 1.6GHz processor. The console will also include the standard WiFi, ethernet, and HDMI ports, but will reportedly also feature an HDMI in-port for the first time. Could Microsoft be turning the next Xbox into a true media center, with DVR capabilities?

Kinect will still be part of the Durango, though there's a bit of a mystery about how it will be integrated. Not only is there a dedicated Kinect USB port, but the specs also make mention of a High-fidelity Natural User Interface Sensor. Without a physical picture of the console, there's no telling just what the NUI sensor is, but it's likely we won't have to wait much longer to find out.

As with all next-gen rumors, this report should be taken at face value. Until Microsoft actually announces the Xbox 720/Durango, the best we can do is hope these specs turn out to be real.

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