There are plenty of good reasons to reboot a video game franchise. It might be beloved classic that hasn’t seen attention in years and could bring nostalgia to an old generation while reintroducing it to a brand new audience. It could be a contemporary series that has started to feel stagnant and is in need of fresh concepts and ideas to reinvigorate the fun. Whatever the reason, reboots happen all the time, especially in a market with such an extensive and constantly growing back catalog of ideas to go back to and re-explore. Developers and producers are always looking to net a profit and they know that going after an IP that already has a fanbase can be a lucrative endeavor.

That said, there is a propensity for evil in the business of reboots. Producers aren’t always necessarily concerned about the quality of the end product so much as they care about the product being released, regardless of its state upon release. Getting it out there and collecting on a fanbase is, unfortunately, not an alien practice in the industry. The stress put on a developer to produce within a time frame can lead to ideas not being smoothed out or perfected. The idea could just be a bad one from the get go or maybe the franchise being rebooted just isn’t adaptable to the methods being used today. No matter how you cut it, there are reboots out there that just crush our hopes and dreams and drag their legacies through the muck. This list contains the most unfortunate of them; the Ten Worst Franchise Reboots.