In the video game industry, war is a constant subject of interest. Sometimes the purpose of the exploration is to shine light on the horrors of the subject and the worst that war brings out of anybody involved. Other times, it’s to explore the mystique of the matter, the glory of victory and the protection of a country or ideal. Whether the light cast is positive or negative, for every villain or atrocity, there are characters that step up to the plate and shine in the darkness. War may be horrid, but it is through that medium that the industry tells the story of these characters who defy the odds and become heroes.

What defines a hero? Is it the lives they save? Is it the great things they do or the feelings they inspire? Do we define a hero by their willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty or by the great sacrifices they make for the greater good? Whatever it is, we know a hero when we see it. These characters suffer great pain and they overcome it. They see injustice and they stand in its way. When the world is against them, they don’t flinch. Perhaps more than any other, these characters explore the full depths of loss, triumph, tragedy and glory. These are the Top 10 Video Game War Heroes.