Video Game peripheral gear has a history almost as long as video games themselves. Often times a new video game peripheral is created to address a certain problem with the current hardware. Other times they are meant to enhance the experience in some way. Somewhere in between that are specialized video game peripherals that come with certain games as a means to address unique controls or make the overall experience unique. Sometimes, but quite rarely, these devices play a role beyond that of a gimmick, actually providing application beyond its initial release.

This is not a list for those unique situations. This is a list of the opposite factor: The worst of the worst, producing mostly only one application and not even doing that well. These peripherals are the most gimmicky of all the gimmicks and the most ill-designed of all attempts at creativity and functionality. Occasionally they were simply very early editions of what would eventually become better hardware, but more often they are dead ends that probably should have spent far more time in the workshop or even never been let out. These are the 10 worst video game peripherals.

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