There's a definite pleasure in getting your buddies together, popping in your favorite games, and trading controllers, lives, and laughs for hours on end. The cooperative experience is something kind of magical, but it can also be something disastrous depending on the game. Something you could easily do solo can become nearly impossible in co-op. Sometimes it's mechanics built into the game and sometimes it's that you have that one friend that's just not good for these types of games. Either way, there are things in the co-op world that can turn fun into frustration and teamwork (or lack thereof) into trouble.

Co-op has always been a big part of gaming, whether that means having a few pals over on the same couch, or taking it to the limit online. Some of the best moments in our gaming lives have come from the accomplishments we've had together. This list is not about those moments. This list is dedicated to the instances where friendship and video games don't always mix. Where once friends stood together on the verge of triumph, now they stand opposed; ready to fight one another to the death. Everyone likes having a good time, but it takes just one man to spoil the adventure. You know who you are. Yeah, you. You test our patience, and excel at bringing out the worst in some of our favorite games. These are the Worst Co-Op Game Fun Killers.