Need a bad guy in your game? Well, you can't get too much more generic than a denizen of the unhappiest place in the afterlife. Nonetheless, devils, demons, and other such fallen critters have been possessing our games and causing all sorts of trouble for our protagonists damn near since the dawn of gaming. Yeah, a lot of these guys are often just your run-of-the-mill, bat-winged Beelzebros, just sitting around waiting for you to slay them for that easy XP or progression. However, occasionally games manage to work that pentagram just right and summon the best of the best out of the ninth circle of plot devices.

This list isn’t for fodder or minions, nor is it for lazy overlords that just sit on their throne waiting for you to show up. This list is for the demons that put in the work to make your life a living hell and be the best of the beasts from way down beneath. This list is about demons who don't just come from the bowels of another dimension, a darker hell, or the nightmare realm, they're the ones who give other demons trouble sleeping at night. And you know if you give demons the willies, you must be downright terrifying. Make no mistake, faithful readers, these are the Best Demons in Video Games.