The next update for World of Warcraft opens up the Tanaan Jungle, a max-level zone filled with dungeons, bosses, and oh-so delicious loot. Youtuber Khamul was kind enough to put together a video preview, so that those of us who aren't on WoW's Public Test Realm can get a sneak peek of this new quest hub.

Like many of the zones in Warlords of Draenor, the Tanaan Jungle is a past version of an area WoW players are quite familiar with — Hellfire Peninsula. Obviously, Tanaan Jungle's a bit more fertile in this timeline, but there's still plenty of Fel-infused orcs and Burning Legion demons running around causing a ruckus. In addition to the misty forests and murky swamps shown above, when Tanaan Jungle is also home to Hellfire Citadel, a revamped take on the famous Fel orc fortress from Burning Crusade, and a new world boss— Supreme Lord Kazzak. We're digging that this expansion proves there's no escaping your destiny, regardless of trying to alter the flow of time.

The Tanaan Jungle is available on WoW's PTR right now, along with updates to the legendary ring questline, an entirely new tier of gear elite raiders will be hunting for and casual scrubs will be envying, and, of course, boss battles galore. The next update is slated to also let players create shipyards for their garrisons; through these shipyards you can build mighty warships (though it's not yet entirely clear what you'll be doing with these mamma jammas. Are they just new types of garrison followers? Can you ride them? Can you break champagne bottles on them? We'll just have to wait to find out).

If you'd like to hop over to check out the leafy goodness of the Tanaan Jungle, make sure to sign up for the World of Warcraft PTR. Tanaan Jungle and the rest of Patch 6.2.0 is expected to go live within the next month or two.