Diablo III's latest update has arrived, bringing with it new loot to wear and new monsters to slay. This nearly twenty-year-old franchise has a long history of sprawling dungeons and epic battles between sharply-dressed heroes and bastardly bosses. While many of Diablo's boss monsters are little more than loot pinatas- soft, slow things eager for you to pop them and claim their treasure- there are others whose intent is to make you earn that treasure by fighting you with every tooth, claw, and cool-ass special attack they've got. We're talking about bosses that overwhelm you with magic and minions, that assault you with status effects, that beat you down and drain your will to live until you're so stricken with ennui you can't possibly play for one second longer because what's the point of it all?

These bosses are the bosses we love to hate, the ones seasoned players are happy to see because it gives us another chance at sweet revenge against them for all the times they stonewalled our progress, crushed our dreams, and flung our hardcore characters to the underworld. Reward without adversity feels unrewarding, and loot earned without pulling it from the mortified grasp of a hard-fought boss battle isn't as shiny.

So before you throw on your Stones of Jordan to hunt for that last piece of the Tal Rasha's Set, stay a while and listen to this guided tour of the 10 Best Diablo Bosses.

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