With the proliferation of open-world games comes hordes of new side activities like bowling, insurance fraud, and goat combat. No matter how much side content gets packed into an open-world game, though, there's no escaping those main story missions. Most story missions are designed to be the best things a game has to offer; maybe you get to fly an assault helicopter and blow things up, maybe your superpowers are maxed out for five blissful minutes, or maybe you get to relax and listen to some funny NPCs bicker with each other.

They can't all be perfect, which is fine, but some missions go so far past the opposite of perfect we curse them for even existing. They rain terror on any imbecile foolish enough to try to complete them, and make you regret the day you bought the accursed game they come in. So steel yourself, gentle reader, as we grit our teeth and relive the 10 Worst Missions in Open-World Games.

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