Be enamored with the adorable and chibi adventures to be had in this new trailer for World of Final Fantasy.

Ever since Sony and Square Enix unveiled this charming, monster-collecting role-playing game at E3 this year, we've been dying to see more of World of Final Fantasy. Luckily, Square Enix unveiled a new trailer for the game during Sony's big presentation during TGS 2015. At first glance, one would think that World of Final Fantasy is being geared towards younger audiences. While its Pokemon-style of monster collecting and cute graphics might put off older Final Fantasy fans, there are plenty of homages to the series found in this trailer most of you should enjoy.

People forget that due to graphical constraints, Final Fantasy I-VII and IX had very deformed-looking characters. The disproportionate body measurements of the Final Fantasy series' more older characters were definitely an influence in the designs of this new game. You can tell that sibling protagonists Lann and Reynn were inspired by the older titles of the franchise, especially when going from their more normal-looking forms to their chibi-style alternate bodies. These smaller versions of the brother and sister can interact with the monsters and Eidolons (called Mirages here for some reason) of Grymoire. The duo will be getting in all kinds of adventures starring plenty of famous faces and monsters from the Final Fantasy series. As you can see in this new trailer, Lightning shows up to join the fight.

World of Final Fantasy is expected to launch sometime in 2016 for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.

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