War never changes, but this cinematic opening reminds us that Wasteland did it first.

According to Polygon, inXile Entertainment has released the live-action cinematic opening for Wasteland 2, its upcoming, post-apocalyptic role-playing game. People may speculate that the Wasteland 2 looks remarkably similar to the first two Fallout titles, especially with its west coast post-apocalyptic setting and its top-down RPG mechanics. But naysayers should be reminded that the first Wasteland was created in 1988 for MS-DOS, Commodore 64 and Apple II, while Fallout first debuted on DOS in late 1997.

This cinematic intro to Wasteland 2 tells the backstory of the Wasteland and how the Desert Rangers survived a nuclear holocaust in order to bring the law to the desolate west. Wasteland 2 will be launching in late August for PC. For those who can't wait until the end of summer, inXile is offering an early access beta through Steam.