War never changes, and Wasteland 2 is looking to be quite the top-down successor to the original Wasteland.

inXile Entertainment has announced that Wasteland 2 will be launching by the end of August. Boasting one of the most successful crowdfunded game campaigns ever, Wasteland 2 follows in Fallout's footsteps in terms of presenting a post-nuclear apocalypse as the backdrop for a Western style RPG. inXile has also announced that Wasteland 2's Arizona area will be included in Steam's early access beta.

Wasteland 2 takes place in an alternate timeline in which a nuclear holocaust resulted in most civilized life in the world being reduced to ashes. A group of U.S. Army Engineers survived in the southwest United States, cleared a death row prison of its inmates and colonized the facility 'The Walking Dead' style. Be prepared to fight off the former death row inmates made up some of the bandits and criminals littered throughout the landscape along with the mutated survivors of the wasteland.