Gaming can be an expensive hobby/lifestyle. Even outside of the games and consoles themselves, there are all kinds of video game-based goodies out there with hefty price tags attached to them. For every statue, collectible, figurine, piece of clothing, gaming accessory or piece of hardware you could get, there are bound to be expensive, high quality versions of them out on the market, especially if its a collectible. A game that used to cost $50 when it first released years ago might cost 10-20 times its original price on eBay.

We've already brought to you gift guides for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and PC gamers, so it's time we went to the top shelf in order to find the priciest, most impressive gifts possible. We're sure that there are rappers out there with diamond-encrusted and platinum video game controllers and what have you, but we're going for some kind of functionality here. These are the kind of goodies you only go for if you're really spoiling someone with something they normally can't sporadically get on their own with pocket money. Make sure you play the "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase theme while browsing through Arcade Sushi’s High End Gift Guide 2015.