It's that time of year once again when everyone is scrambling for gifts to give their loved ones who love video games. But buying a gamer something can be a frustrating task. Have no fear, because we're here to take all of the leg work out of finding the perfect gift for your video game obsessed buddy. Have a look below in our 2013 Arcade Sushi Holiday Gift Guide and you'll find our collection of 25 gamer gifts that will surely delight even the most hardcore player. And if they don't like what you bought them, we'll gladly take it.

  • Next Gen Systems

    Of course the next gen systems were going to be on this list! They are the hottest selling gaming item right now and for good reason. The graphics are spectacular and the games slated for release look insanely fun. Just make sure to do your research for who you're buying it for. You don't want them getting upset when you hand them a PS4 or Wii U and they really wanted to play Titanfall.

  • Portal Plush Turret

    These bad boys are perfect for anyone who needs a decent sentry to guard their gaming cave. These plush turrets come fitted with a motion detector and a speaker that is sure to scare the hell out of anyone attempting to access your secure Aperture Lab. The only gift more exciting for a Portal fan would be combustable lemons.

  • Hylian Shield Cufflinks

    Even Link knows when to don his best green tunic for a formal occasion and so should you. This set of cufflinks is sure to make any Zelda fan grin whenever they need to dress up for a wedding or fancy dinner. It is an understated way to embrace your video game fandom while still cruising around a black tie event in style. Just leave the Master Sword in the car if you're going to a cocktail party.

  • Pikachu Hoodie

    Who wouldn't want to look like the most lovable Pokemon? This hoodie will keep you warm and stylish and even features a set of adorable ears. On the back you'll have that iconic lightning bolt tail. Be warned though, this garb will not give you electrical powers, just the occasional static shock if you're walking around in your socks. Girl not included. Sorry, we already asked.

  • NES Cartridge Clocks

    Your time is valuable and you don't want to waste it NOT playing video games. If you're looking to keep time in style, then you'll want to snatch up one of these brilliant looking NES cartridges that have been repurposed as simple clocks. Just remember, you don't have to blow in these to set the time correctly.

  • Custom Video Game Covers

    Maybe you know someone who is a stickler for design and loves minimalism. They might be the kind of person who takes all the dust jackets off their books so their shelves look more uniform and distinguished. Well, now you can help them tidy up their gaming shelf with these custom video game covers. It keeps everything organized and looks very classy at the same time.

  • Hyrule Travel Posters

    Traveling the world is one of life's many joys, but saving imaginary worlds is even more enjoyable. You can relive your fondest memories of Hyrule's destinations with this set of incredibly designed destination posters. Adorn your walls with the lands you've saved using the Tri-Force, and relive past glories as the Hero of Time.

  • Mega Man Pillow

    This gift is a bit more difficult to find, but it is totally worth the import for the true Mega Man fan in your life. It features a plush buster and helmet that will help lull you off to sleep so you can have dreams of blasting robots and baddies. Who knows, you might even find them more invigorated after a quick power nap in their cyborg garb.

  • Super Mario Sunglasses

    It may be winter now, but a good pair of sunglasses is always a good gift. Why not give the Nintendo fan in your life something special to protect their pupils like this pair of hand painted Super Mario Sunglasses. Just, don't wear them while playing Super Mario Sunshine, you'll barely be able to see the screen.

  • World Of Warcraft Alliance Tie Clip

    Let's say, for example, that you're about to meet up with your WOW guild at a bar and you want to look snazzy while still showing off your allegiance. You could rock a T-shirt and jacket, but if you want to up your MMORPG sartorial game, you'll want to have this hand crafted tie clip featuring the symbol of your choice. Note: Wearing this tie clip in public does not mean you're a walking PVP zone. You'll still be arrested.

  • Dragonborn Helm

    Even the Dragonborn needs comfy hat for their head. This fleece helm will help keep off the cruel Skyrim cold and help you forge your way through winter's solitude and out to the bar for some egg nog and mead. It may not protect you from a Daedric axe, but it might help keep your ears from getting chilly.

  • ThinkGeek Gamer Gift Pack

    If you're at a complete loss at what to get a friend for the Holidays, you can always take the easy way and grab them this gift package. It features some plush toys, a mug, and a light up D20 die that will delight anyone who partakes in games either digital or tabletop.

  • The Geek's Guide To Dating by Eric Smith

    Know a gamer looking for that special someone but could use a bit of encouragement and advice? This book is the perfect gift for anyone looking for true gamer geek love. It features brilliant 8-bit art and "Cheat Codes" to help you hack your online dating profile. Even if you're not looking for someone special, this book will put a smile on any gamer's face.

  • Fallout Soda Botttles

    Every Fallout fan knows about the life giving and financial necessity of soda bottles. So why not give the gift that keeps on giving (radioactivity never really dies), and wrap up a pack of Fallout soda bottles for your friend who is the lonely warrior of the wastes. The best part is that they're actually drinkable. We're not sure what exactly is in that blue glowing one though.

  • The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy

    Everyone can appreciate the gorgeous artwork that goes into every Final Fantasy game. Now you can treat someone to a gargantuan coffee table book with all the brilliant artwork Yoshitaka Amano has done for the Final Fantasy franchise.

  • Playstation DNA T-Shirt

    Gaming truly is in our DNA and what better way to show it than with a T-shirt. Playstation fans will instantly recognize the familiarly shaped base pairs twisting together across the front of the shirt and will be proud to wear their allegiance on their chest.

  • Vault Fiction Tee Shirt

    Everyone love a good pop culture mash up. When you take Fallout 3 and smash it into Pulp Fiction, you get a brilliant reimagining of a classic film scene. This time you have a feral ghoul doing the twist and a Brother of Steel asking if you speak English. DO YOU SPEAK IT?!

  • X Rocker ProGaming Chair

    With a name like that, you know this chair means serious business. Featuring a 2.1 stereo built in with wireless capabilities, this chair is exactly what the gamer needs if they want an immersive experience. You need to treat your body and ears right if you're going to enjoy endless hours of gaming and this chair is exactly what any marathon player needs.

  • Gamer Grub and Xbox Points

    This clever little package is like a college care box for that gamer friend in need of some indie games and a snack. Featuring all sorts of goodies for when you get the munchies, and an Xbox Point card to get you gaming with something new, this box is all your buddy needs to keep his habit going through the holidays. They still make Big League Chew?

  • Graphics Aren't That Great T-Shirt

    We've been outside before. The graphics aren't all that great. The anti-aliasing filter is sometimes funky and there are no quick time events unless you count dodging cars in a crosswalk. Express your distain for the lacking graphics of the real world with a T-shirt. It is always the perfect medium for expressing your innermost feelings.

  • 8 Bit Sunglasses

    If you want to see the world through the filter of 8-bit, that's your hipster prerogative. We're here to help you fulfill your desire with this pair of 8-Bit Sunglasses. You'll look stylish the next time you're out with friends and fellow gamers will nod knowingly that you're a fan of the retro realm. Pair that with a suitably low-fi ringtone, and you'll have yourself the complete outfit.

  • Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

    What?! A book on our list of gamer gifts? That's right. Ernest Cline's brilliant novel captures all the stuff that gamers love and wraps it in '80s gaming and pop culture references. It is sci-fi through a gamer and pop culture fanatic's lens that is sure to delight everyone born in the internet age. So yes, turn off that console for a bit and pick up this book for you and your buddy.

  • Mogworld By Ben "Yahtzee" Crowshaw

    You may know him as the maniacal mind behind Zero Punctuation, but Yahtzee's debut novel fuses fantasy fiction with MMORPG sensibilities to create a hilarious read that any gamer would enjoy. The story centers around Jim who lives in an MMO and simply wants to die permanently instead of being constantly resurrected. You follow Jim on his quest for the permanent dirt nap and enjoy every moment along the way.

  • Endless Fantasy by Anamanaguchi

    People have been taking old gaming hardware and repurposing it to make music for awhile, but Anamanaguchi's new album takes chip-tunes to the next level. This album should be on the wish list for any gamer who enjoys nostalgic tunes with a manic edge to them. Tracks like Meow and Endless Fantasy are sure to get their nostalgic feelers twitching when they hear all that 8 and 16-bit goodness.

  • Custom Katamari

    Just saying the title of any Katamari game is enough to get people humming that infernal tune. But if you know a fan who has trouble getting to sleep with NAAA NA NA NA NAAA NAAAA in their head, then they'll love their own custom Katamari. This artists work magic with fleece and polyfil so well that even the King of the Cosmos would give them a decent score.