Playing with a keyboard and mouse on a streamlined PC rig often brings out an experience that's quite different than its console counterpart. Once you start factoring in things like hardware quality and mods, you can see why so many people are proud to be PC gamers. Unfortunately, having the hardware capable of handling these blockbuster games with the graphics cranked high can get awfully expensive. We've decided to throw together a list of games and goodies that'll help you get more bang for your buck when it comes to holiday gifts for a PC gamer.

This list of PC gamer gifts features all kinds of unique titles. While a few of these games are also available for home consoles, it's a completely different experience to play them using the PC's capacity for optimized graphics. If your computer is strong enough, you'll easily be able to produce graphics that are more impressive than the Xbox One or PlayStation 4's. We've brought together an assortment of games and gifts that'll get the most out of that hardware, including some games you'd never be able to try on a console. There are a few overlooked classics in the mix as well. It doesn't matter if you're naughty or nice when you've got an excellent display and a boss frame rate going on.