Today's Cosplay of the Day features a villain clad in red who waits to fight heroes on her dead father's ship. Say hello to Vanessa VanCleef, daughter to Edwin VanCleef and the new leader of the Defias Brotherhood in World of Warcraft.

Vanessa witnessed her father's death at the hands of a band of adventurers and took over as the leader of his gang, the Defias Brotherhood. She lies in wait at the end of the Deadmines on Heroic Difficulty, waiting to ambush the same kind of heroes who killed her dad.

This is ZerinaX, a fantastic cosplayer who's absolutely rocking it at Vanessa. Her costume is so accurate that we'd have a hard time believing that she didn't come straight out of the Deadmines herself. Everything from the tabard, the Defias mask, and the hefty pauldrons are fantastic, making this an S-class cosplay if we ever saw one.

See more of ZerinaX's great work on her deviantART profile. It's no wonder that she's won awards at BlizzCon for her cosplay prowess.


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