Ultima creator Richard Garriott released a statement today which addressed his PC Gamer comments that, "most game designers really just suck."

Garriott claims that his words were taken out of context and his criticisms were part of a, "longer more contextual conversation." His main point centered on his opinion that great game designers are few and far between, and the manner in which titles are developed are different from his own days at Origin.

He does, however, believe indie developers have a solid shot at becoming great designers. "A lot of indie developers right now who are 'triple threats' of artist, programmer and designer, will likely rise to the occasion," wrote Garriott. "They will have a good understanding of all the issues. Designers, who never coded and never drew art, have a harder path ahead of them. After all, we are making 'computer games,' and a deep knowledge of the computer is mighty helpful."

Garriott and his company Portalarium are currently basking in the glow of their successful Kickstarter project, as Shroud of the Avatar reached its $1 million goal on Monday night.

"Perhaps my statement that has been quoted so often in recent days could have been presented in a more eloquent fashion," added Garriott. "But I stand by the point I was making, that game design is the hardest profession in our business to understand and to learn."