Kickstarter moves fast these days. It was only a few days ago that UK-based studio PlayJam posted their project to the fundraising website. But in less than 48 hours, PlayJam reached their goal of $100,000 to fund their idea for an Android-powered home console. Happy New Year indeed!

Dubbed the GameStick, the basic idea of the device is a USB drive that will be an open platform for people to use to play and distribute games. A dedicated game console the size of a flash drive? I'm living in a cuckoo clock. But you can't get more portable than that. And the idea was clearly far enough along to resonate with people.

"The response from the Kickstarter community has been truly overwhelming. We are confident in our product and what we hope it will mean for gaming but we were taken aback at how quickly the message was adopted," said PlayJam's CMO Anthony Johnson in an interview with Pocket Gamer.

If you're intrigued by the idea, check out the video from their Kickstarter page and watch the guys from PlayJam all try to do their best Jony Ive impression.