We're always happy to see Kickstarter success stories here at Arcade Sushi, and PlayJam's GameStick has become the latest project to make it big.

A press release from PlayJam went out today, stating that the project closed out with $648,000 raised over the last month.

Anthony Johnsons, CMO at PlayJam, said, "The campaign has been an incredible success with support from thousands of backers worldwide but this is just the beginning. The feedback from the Kickstarter community has been invaluable in shaping the final product and we will continue to seek input from those that supported us to ensure continued innovation ahead of a global retail launch.”

The GameStick is an example of what can happen when companies listen to community feedback. The crew from PlayJam constantly reached out to their Kickstarter audience and took their opinions, as well as those of developers, into account when tweaking the product.

If you missed out on securing your own GameStick via the Kickstarter, you can still sign up on the official website to be notified about when you can pre-order. While we await that fateful day when we can set aside $80 for this revolutionary machine, check it out in this set of screenshots below.

Tell us what you think of it and let us know if you helped fund this cool project.