We are hearing lots of reports of Kickstarter projects being delayed because of unexpected demands these days. The Android based GameStick, the console that fits inside its own controller which then itself fits inside your pocket, is the latest to encounter one of these delays.

The GameStick originally was planned to come out at the end of April. Unfortunately, with the end of April already staring down at us in a few weeks, the demand is looking too great and it appears as if we will wait just a bit longer. The new release date for the GameStick is now the end of June.

“When we started this project we were unsure how successful it would be.” Said PlayJam, the designer of the GameStick. “Our expectation was that we would do an initial run of a few thousand units and then go from there. What happened next was a whirlwind. We've now got 27 retailers around the world engaged and placing orders for our micro-console. We have GameStop in the US and GAME in the UK as our lead retail partners, but with over 5000 stores between them we are in a remarkable position to scale this project.”

Sounds like a good problem to have!